3 Awesome Bunk Bed Design Ideas

The decision to make your children share a room is a huge one that is often made out of necessity because you simply don't have enough rooms in your home to give everyone their own room. However, this decision does not have to end in tears because there are ways to increase the efficiency of the room to make it large enough for both of your children. Consider these cool design options for bunk beds to make the most of your children's room.

1. Nook Bunk Beds

Nook bunk beds are designed to give your children the privacy that they need. They're very helpful for children who were used to having their own rooms, but then suddenly had to begin sharing with the arrival of a new family member. Nook bunk beds essentially have a roll-down barrier that will prevent anyone in the room from seeing into the bunk bed. Both the top bunk and the bottom bunk will have their own roll-down functions in order to ensure that your children can control their privacy independently from one another.

For a heightened experience, you can put the bunk bed against a wall and then install a window in the top bunk area and in the bottom bunk area so that each child has his or her own window. This will make doing homework in the nook much easier because they will be able to utilize the natural light.

2. Drawers Under the Bed

Another great way to utilize the space in your children's room is to purchase a bunk bed that has drawers attached underneath it. This will allow for additional storage space, which will make it easier for two children to coexist peacefully in the room together without getting in each other's ways. Some bunk bends even have mini drawers located in the supports of the bunk bed so that the children can store small items, such as a pair of glasses, safely before going to sleep.

3. Make the Bottom Bunk a Double Bed

If you make the bottom bunk a double bed, it will be very easy for your child to have friends sleep over and have somewhere to stay comfortably. This works especially well if your children have the same friend and would be willing to share the bottom bunk for the night while the friend is sleeping over, with the friend sleeping in the top bunk.

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