4 Unusual Flooring Ideas

If you choose the right materials, you'll be able to make your floor the focal point of your room and the envy of all your friends. Look at these four unusual flooring ideas and see if they would be appropriate for your situation, as well as match your current decorating style.

1. Old Belts

A cool idea that will make your home stand out and ensure that you are doing your part to help the environment is to install a belted floor. Belted floors are essentially flooring that is made out of belts that have been reclaimed from landfills, thoroughly cleaned, and treated to ensure that they are easy to clean and will not wear down with heavy travel. This type of floor is essentially installed over any other hard floor surface and is versatile enough to fit with any darker decorating style.

2. Pennies

Another unusual idea is to use pennies to cover a hard surface. Pennies are able to be glued to the floor and be located close enough together so that they don't let any crumbs through the cracks. You can either glue the pennies down yourself in order to make sure that they are in a pattern that you want, or you can talk to your local flooring store. Many flooring stores would be willing to prepare strips of vinyl flooring that have pennies attached to them in order to make your flooring easier to install. Make sure that you coat the pennies in a protective substance in order to make sure that they are easier to clean and that there is a sanitary coating covering them.

3. Glitter

It's possible to use epoxy paint, which is a paint that has strong adhesive qualities, and normal craft store glitter to create a sparkly floor. This type of flooring is best applied to vinyl. First, you cover a strip of vinyl with epoxy paint. Then, before the paint dries, start tossing glitter into the air and allowing it to flutter down and hit the paint. If you toss the glitter as though it is chicken feed, you will end up with an uneven surface. You can either do this yourself or have a custom floor store do it.

4. Bottlecaps

Make a floor that is similar to the one that is suggested with the pennies, only instead of pennies, use bottle caps.

Contact a custom flooring store to find out more ideas, as well as services that they are willing to provide.