2 Small Changes That Can Greatly Improve Your Sleep Quality

If you wake up after a full night's rest and still feel tired most days, then it is important to rule out any health conditions that can cause daytime sleepiness. If your doctor determines that you don't have any medical problems that are causing you to feel tired during the day, even after a full night's rest, then you likely don't get quality sleep. Light, nonrestorative sleep can have many causes, but making these two small changes can help you get more restful sleep. 

1. Wear Amber-Tinted Glasses a Few Hours Before Bed

Ideally, you should avoid being in brightly lit rooms and avoid using all electronic devices several hours before bedtime. Unfortunately, sticking to these rules would be close to impossible for many people with busy lives and who live with other people who may need the home lights on late into the evening. 

Although you may not have control over your entire home and the ability to stop using electronic items before bed, you can wear a pair of glasses with amber-colored lenses for a few hours before bed. These glasses block out specific light wavelengths that are most activating to your brain. You can then lay down with an already sleepy brain that can help you get a good night's sleep. 

2. Improve the Quality of Your Bedding

It can be virtually impossible to get a good night's sleep when you your bed and bedding are uncomfortable. An uncomfortable bed will leave you tossing and turning trying to find a more comfortable sleeping position all night that you may never find. While you may not be able to afford to perform a full bedroom makeover, you can focus on the two most important parts of your bedding -- your mattress and your pillow. 

Depending on how you sleep, you can position your pillow in different ways to maximize comfort and posture through the night. Mainly, you want to keep your spine straight and your neck supported.

A good mattress is more universal for most sleeping positions, and it should be supportive, yet soft. For this reason, a memory foam mattress is a great choice for people who sleep in any position. This type of mattress conforms to your body, so if you sleep on your back, it supports your spine. If you sleep on your stomach, then it sinks in just where you need it to depending on your body structure. 

Once you have a great pillow and mattress, then down the line you can work on finding other bedding that is soft and plush, leading to an even better night's sleep.