Hiding Ugly, Unwieldy Wires In Your Executive Office

Do you have an unattractive tangle of wires on your desk? Not only does that give a bad impression to clients, but it can also easily get in the way of your work and contribute to general clutter. Though many items have gone wireless, there are still things such as monitors that have to be connected directly to the computer. Try to move everything you can to wireless and then use the following tips to control the rest of your cords.

Create a Cord Slot in the Desk

If you have to run wires across your desk, it's usually better to drill a small cord slot or cord hole in the desk itself. Modern desks often come with this feature—but older desks don't. Running wires through a central location of the desk will at least keep them out of sight and out of mind. Get a professional carpenter to cut the slot or hole, rather than drilling it, so that the wood piece can be replaced later if you change your mind. 

Use Cord Covers Along the Floor

If you need to run cords along the floor, you can use cord covers to hide them. You can paint these cord covers the exact color of your walls, so it's virtually invisible. Of course, there's also another option—you could move your outlets. But, naturally, that's more expensive, and if you're renting your office space you may not be allowed to do this. Cord covers, on the other hand, can just be tacked on and removed later. 

Install a Wireless Charger

Do you find that you constantly have your phone or tablet charging on your desk? This is very common. Even docked, this adds just another cord to your desk. But whether you have a wood or glass desk, you can actually install a wireless charger—for tablets and phones that support wireless charging—under the desk. You can then simply place the device on top of the desk and it will wirelessly charge through the table itself.

The cords themselves can usually be organized very simply with cable ties. Cable ties loop around the cords and then cinch tightly, to keep all of the cords together. There are executive office furniture options that automatically hide cords. You might want to look into these if you have a desk that can't easily be modified to fit your wiring. Otherwise, a little cord management can go a long way. For more information, contact a local office furniture company (such as Senetics) to talk about your options.