Modifications To Your Bed That Can Help Alleviate Arthritis

If you are suffering from arthritis, one way you can reduce the pain you experience is by changing how you sleep and by getting the right mattress. An old mattress is often the most likely to make your arthritis worse, so even getting a new mattress might be enough to reduce pain. However, you will achieve the best results if you get a good mattress.

Choosing the Right Mattress

The best mattress is based partially on your personal preferences. While there are many types of mattresses, arthritis sufferers often find that the coil mattresses are the best due to how much support they provide. Memory foam pillows can often be too hard, though they will sometimes soften with use. Also, memory foam can make the body sweat.

For arthritis, you will usually need a mattress that provides plenty of support, but also provides some cushioning so that the mattress is comfortable. Mattresses that are too firm can be uncomfortable. Therefore, you will definitely need to try the mattress before you purchase it. Consider how easy or difficult it is to get in and out of bed, since if you struggle to get out of bed, this can exacerbate your arthritis symptoms. Make sure the mattress is not too high or low.

Getting the Right Amount of Support

If you already own a mattress and you feel that it is not comfortable enough, you can try placing a board underneath it. However, as your arthritis worsens, the board might become uncomfortable because it may then be too firm. Simply remove the board again to determine if the mattress is more comfortable without it.

Make Other Changes to Your Bed

In addition to getting a new mattress, there are a few other modifications you can make both to your bed and to your nighttime routine to reduce the arthritis symptoms you experience. First, if you have an adjustable bed, you may find it easier to get into and out of bed because you can simply adjust your bed as necessary.

There are many supportive sleep accessories you can get that can make it easier to go to sleep even with severe arthritis symptoms. For example, cervical pillows can be used to cushion parts of your body that are more tender and that are more painful if you do not provide constant support. With a little experimentation, you can rearrange your bedroom to where you can minimize your arthritis symptoms.

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