Tips For Furnishing Your Dining Room When You Have Children

Whether you use the dining room for everyday meals or only for special occasions, keeping it looking good when you have small children can be almost impossible. If you already have the table and chairs, you can protect them from stains and scratches. If you are going to be buying new furniture, look for a set that will not only hold up to the children, but are less likely to cause an injury when a child is climbing around or under it.

Protecting What You Have

One of the biggest problems with dining room furniture and children is spills. When you have upholstery on the seats or backs of the chair, you can expect to have to clean it constantly and deep clean it on a regular basis. If you want to keep your dining chairs for more than a few years without the upholstery wearing thin or just looking awful, consider having the upholstery wrapped with a thin sheet of plastic. While this may not be the most elegant look, any guests will understand and commend you on caring for your furniture.

When it comes to protecting a wood table, you can choose to use a table pad with a tablecloth, or you can have a piece of acrylic cut to fit on top of it. A nice piece of acrylic will protect the wood underneath while allowing you to enjoy its beauty.

What to Look for in New Dining Room Furniture

Make sure you consider the children when buying new dining room furniture. For the protection of small kids, round or oval tables do not have corners that hurt when a head or other body part smashes into them. If you really must have a square or rectangular table, find one with rounded corners.

Choose between a marble or solid wood table. You will need to seal a marble table and put a coating on a wood table to protect it from spills and stains. However, a laminate top will eventually chip or pop up when kids are banging, climbing and spilling on it. Chairs should be solid wood. To make them more comfortable use seat cushions that can be tossed into the washer when dirty. If you are going for a modern look, you could look into getting a stainless steel and glass set.

Do not kid yourself into thinking that a strictly formal-occasion dining room does not need to be child proofed. Unless the room is out of the way and locked, the kids are going to get in there and accidents do happen. A good set of dining room furniture should be something that lasts a lifetime. Unless you really just want a change of style. For more design suggestions, contact a company like Esprit Decor.