Short On Space, Big On Creativity: Choosing The Best Furniture For Small Living Spaces

If your living space is lacking in the square footage department, it doesn't mean you have to limit your living and entertaining options. Small spaces are cozy places. It's okay to be short on space. Just don't be short on creativity.

Choosing the right furniture will make your home lovely and practical. When you visit a local furniture store like Vandenberg Furniture, look for furniture that will complement the small rooms in your home and make use of every inch of space.  

Furnishing the kitchen

When it comes to work stations or island bars, opt for portable versions with wheels rather than those that are built into the kitchen. A good work station for a small kitchen should be equipped with drop-down sides. The sides can be raised when needed for preparing food or entertaining. The work station should be small enough to store along a wall when not in use.

Look for an expandable kitchen table that unfolds when additional seating is necessary. Chairs that fold are also a good choice. Keep the minimum number of chairs you need for everyday use and store the remaining chairs in a closet.

Furnishing the living room

You can still entertain and enjoy family life in a small living room when you furnish it wisely. Choose one wall to be used as your entertainment area. Choose an entertainment center that will house everything from the television to books. An entertainment center with doors is ideal. It will help to eliminate a cluttered look by keeping TV components and electrical wires out of view.

When choosing accent tables for the living room, look for ones with glass tops and thin legs to make the center of the room appear more open and airy.

Look for sofas and chairs with thin wooden legs and arm rests. Avoid sectionals and bulky pieces of furniture that will block the open view.

Furnishing the bedrooms

To create the appearance of additional height in a small bedroom, look for a thin metal canopy frame when shopping for beds. The high frame will act as a functional focal point. The thin metal canopy won't block the view or add any visual clutter to the room. However, it will add a touch of elegance to the room.

Nightstands with glass tops and spindly legs are good choices and will help provide an airy and uncluttered look to the room.

Metal-framed bunk beds are good options for a child's room. Purchase an entertainment center for one wall of a child's room to store games, books, toys, and sporting items. Plastic bins can be used on the shelves of the entertainment center to reduce clutter.

Being intentional about every piece of furniture you choose is the first step to lively big in a small space. Choosing the right furniture will help you make the best use of every square foot in your small home and make it a place that's ideal for living and entertaining.