Repurpose For A Purpose: Making An Old End Table Into Chairs

Furniture can be expensive and getting rid of such expensive items can sometimes seem like a waste. Fortunately, most furniture pieces can be restructured or refinished and turned into new pieces that can suit your old home. If you have old end tables that no longer match your room scheme, you can make these into perfect new chairs. Here is how you can turn your former bedroom end tables into a perfect stool pair.

Reinforce and measure the legs

In order to be comfortable as seating, your current end tables need to be at a good chair height. Take the end tables into your dining room and living room and measure their height against the chairs that you currently have. If the end tables are too high, cut down the legs. Another thing that you should do is make sure that the legs are strong enough to hold weight. If the chair has thin or hollow legs, add extra, solid wood or metal legs to the table. Add a metal railing with bolts to the underside of the table to make sure that it is properly reinforced.

Find the right stuffing

To make your new stool comfortable, add some padding to the top of the seat. There are a number of choices for padding, from thin to thick. As an inexpensive choice, you can use an egg crate foam topper. If you need a thick seating choice that will be easy to apply, you can use a pillow for the top of the chair. If you are not sure of the best thickness for your needs, get cotton or wool batting to wrap the seat of the chair until you get it just right for your needs.

Match the upholstery

Upholstering the seat of the new stool will make your transition complete. Fabric, leather, or fur can be used as the upholstery for your seat, depending on the theme of your room. The material can be applied to the seat then bolted, glued, or stapled to the underside, depending on which material you choose for your chair. Make sure that the particular fabric is wrapped tightly around the chair so that it does not loosen as the chair is sat upon. When you select a fabric, keep in mind that you will be sitting on the chair; therefore, the fabric should be easy to clean if colors from your clothing rub off onto its surface. For more information or assistance with furniture refinishing, contact a company like Leisure Furniture & Powder Coating Inc.