Cosmopolitan Cubicle: How To Make Cubicles Much More Vogue

With a large workforce or a small amount of office space, the usage of cubicles may be inevitable. Cubicles are sometimes seen as the desert of office spaces. When some people get cubicles and others get office spaces, those who get cubicles may feel as if they are lower or less essential. To combat this type of thinking, you should put time and effort into creating eye-catching and attractive cubicles for the workers in your office. Here are a few ideas on how to create workable cute cubes.

Give cubicle walls an accent color

Instead of having beige, white, or gray cubicles in their entirety, you should offer an accent wall for each cubicle. A bright color with a velvet or satin texture will draw the eye and will also make cubicles much less boring. the accent walls will also serve to help draw the workers eye to their own space, versus having workers gaze out towards a sea of cubicles in one monotone color during the day.

Get chairs with great cushion

Rolling office chairs will be where many office workers spend the majority of their time. Take care of your office workers by offering them good lumbar support through executive office chairs. Make sure that the square footage in each cubicle is enough to hold an executive office chair. If the cubicles have walls that are low and little space, consider offering egg chairs. These close in the entire body and offer a little bit more seclusion, even while surrounded by other cubicles and workers. Office furniture should be as cushioned as possible in order to keep everyone comfortable.

Create built in storage units

For the sake of you office workers and the organization of your office, you should install a built in desk and built in shelving inside of your cubicles. Upgrade cubicles to the latest technology with carded safes, slim-line computers, and equipment that takes up less space. Instead of the old, bulky scanners, upgrade to a slim stick scanner that can be used by hand. Built in desks and shelves should be thin, but have adequate room to hold products, paperwork, and anything custom that your office worker will need. Not overloading the cubicle with clunky furniture and giving it a modern edge will make the workspace much more fashionable and enjoyable.

Install pocket doors

One of the largest complaints about a cubicle is the lack of privacy. Solve this issue by finding office cubicles with pocket doors. Pocket doors will take up no room because they will be inside of the wall when not closed. If your worker needs a little privacy, they can simply pull the door out and close it shut to get the feeling of having a corner office, but remaining in a shared work space.

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