What Kind of Wooden Furniture Do You Want?

If you are looking for new furniture, you may want to go with some beautiful wooden furniture. The problem is that wooden furniture can be made of all sorts of things. All wood furniture is made of wood, but there are different classes of wood because different kinds of wood are made in different ways. 

Natural Solid Wood

Your prospective furniture might be labeled as natural wood or solid wood; the two terms refer to the same thing. That is wood that was logged, was milled, and was turned into furniture. The wood that makes up the furniture is in basically the same form as it was when it was part of a tree. The basic makeup hasn't been altered in any way. Solid-wood furniture is generally more expensive than other kinds of wooden furniture. One problem that you may run into when you buy this furniture is that natural wood can absorb moisture from the air, and this may cause joints to swell and move. If the wood has been properly seasoned before it was turned into furniture, however, this is less likely to happen.


Plywood is made by cutting wood into thin strips or sheets. The sheets are then glued and pressed together to form a solid product. Plywood furniture generally has a wooden veneer placed over it. In this case, a veneer is a thin slice of natural wood that is adhered to the plywood and covers the front and makes the plywood look like it is solid wood. 

Particle Board

Particle board is an engineered wood. Things like sawdust and chips are broken down into fibers. Those fibers are then mixed with waxes and resins. Those things keep the wood fibers from absorbing moisture in the air. Particle board and other engineered woods that get used for furniture are generally covered by a veneer or other product that makes it look like they are solid wood. Furniture made from engineered woods tends to be less expensive than other wood furniture 

When you are looking for wood furniture, you have to consider what class of wood you want your furniture made of as well as what kind of finish you want and what style you are looking for. Knowing the basic differences between solid wood, plywood, and engineered wood can help you make the decision as to what kind of furniture that you want to buy.