How to Deal With a Cigarette Burn in Your Car’s Upholstery

If you're a smoker, there is a good chance that you might smoke in your vehicle. Unfortunately, no matter how careful you might be, there is always the chance that you might burn your car's seats or carpet when you're smoking in the car. Cigarette burns can be very unsightly, but you do have a few options for making your car look better after having an accident with a cigarette. 

Install Seat Covers

If you have burned your car seat, one quick fix is to install car seat covers on top of your seats. Not only can this help cover up your cigarette burn, but it can also help protect your upholstery from future burns, stains from ashes that might fall on your seat or any other stains. Plus, seat covers come in all different styles, so you should be able to find a set that really matches your personality. Just make sure that you shop carefully for seat covers; they come in different sizes and for different styles of seats, and if you can choose a set that fits your car as closely as possible, it's going to be a much neater look.

Use Floor Mats

If you have burned your carpet, determine if you can cover up the spot with a floor mat. Adding a new floor mat can help mask the burn so that it isn't as easy to see and can provide your car with protection against further damage and against anything that you might bring into your car on your shoes. 

Hire an Upholstery Repair Company

Upholstery repair isn't just for furniture. Upholstery repair companies like Rocky Mountain Upholstery CO. specialize in repairing and replacing the upholstery inside of cars. These companies can often replace damaged car seat upholstery or carpet. Even though this can be a bit more expensive than the above-mentioned "fixes," it is probably the best way to make your car look like it did before the damage occurred.

If you have recently burned the interior of your car with a cigarette, you might be feeling pretty upset about the damage that you've done to your car. However, you should know that it does not have to be the end of the world. If you try one of these fixes, you can make your car look great again after accidentally damaging it. Then, you don't have to feel as bad about the burn.