Dinners Ready! Get Your Family Back To The Dinner Table By Designing A Dining Room They Can’T Resist

Do you have memories of growing up in simpler times when the family gathered around the dining room table to share the evening meal? Perhaps you long to recreate those special memories with your own family but wonder if it's possible in today's fast-paced society. You can reclaim the family dinner hour and giving your dining room a little tender loving care is a great way to start.

Clear out the clutter

Nothing distracts from a pleasing dining experience like being surrounded by clutter. If your dining room has become the catch-all area in your home, you will want to start your makeover project by clearing out the clutter. Get rid of anything you haven't used in the past year and start with a fresh slate.

Choose your style

What's your family's style? Starting with a theme makes it easy to coordinate furniture and decorative items in your dining room. If your family loves beach life, you may want to design a coastal-themed dining room. Avid campers may enjoy an outdoor or rustic cabin theme.

Don't be afraid to think outside traditional decorating styles. If your family never misses a football game, consider decorating your dining room in the colors of your favorite sports team. Exchange the traditional dining room table for a bar and bar stools and install a large screen TV for a fun sports bar themed dining experience.

Make your dining room table the focal point of the room

The table should be the center of attention in the dining room. Invest in a high-quality dining table and chairs. Purchase the largest table your dining room can accommodate, even if you have a smaller family. A large table allows plenty of room for extra guests and large holiday meals.

Try out different chairs when you visit the furniture store to purchase your dining room table. Comfort matters when it comes to dining room seating. High-back chairs with cushioned seats and backs are a good choice for everyday dining and entertaining guests.

Dress your table up according to the theme you selected. A fabric tablecloth will protect the finish of your table while at the same time adding a charming warmth to your dining area. Place mats and cloth napkins bring a touch of elegance to your table. Select a centerpiece for your table, such as a vase of flowers or a basket of fruit, and don't forget to add some candles for ambiance.

Bringing back the family dinner hour isn't difficult when you give your dining room a little attention. Choose a theme you love and don't be afraid to break tradition. Make your table the focal point of the room and you will be on your way to making memories around the dinner table with your family and friends.