Why You Should Repair, Not Replace, A Torn Leather Couch

When your leather couch develops a tear, your first instinct might to be drag it to the curb on garbage day and then begin the process of shopping for its replacement. While there's little question that buying new furniture can be exciting, you should evaluate getting the couch repaired before you simply get rid of it. An upholstery repair service can often replace the torn leather with leather that matches the rest of the couch, so it's worthwhile to contact this type of service if one exists in your community and discuss your problem. Here are some reasons to consider repairing, rather than replacing, your leather couch.

It's More Affordable

While there might be a part of you that is concerned about the cost of repairing your leather couch, it's important to remember that this investment will be far less than the cost of buying a new one. Leather furniture is expensive, and you're apt to pay significantly more to replace the couch than to have part of it reupholstered.

It's Better Environmentally

If you're someone who tries to make environmentally conscious decisions as much as possible, you'll likely feel uneasy about replacing your torn leather couch. The idea of something so large sitting in the local landfill might not be an idea that you like. Fortunately, when you opt to have a furniture upholstery service repair this piece of furniture, you can keep it out of the landfill for many more years.

It's Less Work

In many cases, a tear on your leather couch will be on one of the cushions. It's very easy to remove a couch cushion and take it to the local upholstery repair service's location to get the work done. Conversely, the idea of getting rid of the couch entirely and replacing it requires a lot of work. It can be physically difficult to get a couch out to the curb, given its size and weight, and buying a new one and bringing it into your house can also present a major challenge.

It Saves Time

Shopping for a new couch isn't something that you can do quickly. It can sometimes be difficult to find the perfect couch for your needs — one that matches the colors of your home, is the size that you want, falls within your budget, and, of course, is comfortable for you and your family. By contrast, dropping your cushions off at a repair service doesn't take much time out of your day.