Important Questions to Ask Before Picking a Sofa for Your Family Room

Picking out a sofa for your family room could easily be one of the biggest decisions you ever make. This one piece of furniture provides comfort and function, but it also becomes a major design element in the rooms. Therefore, proper consideration is a must. Here is a look at some questions you should know the answers to before you purchase a new sofa. 

1. How important is versatility?

Are you the type of person that puts a sofa in a room and pretty much leaves it in the same position for the long-term? Or, do you enjoy being able to rearrange your furniture to achieve new looks as one look gets old? Sofas can be versatile with multiple sections that can be rearranged or they can be more stationary in their design. For example, something like a sectional that has only two sections must be placed in a corner and might not offer a lot of versatility. But, a sectional sofa with three or more pieces could potentially be rearranged in several different ways. 

2. What features are most important to you?

Do you want a sofa that can recline, or are you more concerned that the sofa has cushions that are integrated into the sofa so the kids can't pull them out? Do you want a sofa that has a center console for holding a drink, or would you rather have the extra seating space? These are all features that can be picked when you buy a sofa, and each different feature can affect the end price. Therefore, it is best to look at your options and determine which options are well worth working into your budget. 

3. What color best matches your overall color scheme?

The sofa takes up a lot of visual space in your family room. Therefore, it should fit in well with your overall design and color scheme. Some people prefer to go with a color that is similar to the walls or floor so they can accent with pillows in highlight color. However, some people prefer to use the sofa itself as a highlight in the room. For example, if you have walls painted slate gray, you may go with a red sofa because that is your accent color. You could also pick a sofa with a certain pattern to create visual appeal, such as plaid or florals. 

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