Refinish Wooden Furniture Pieces For Profit

Picking up free or inexpensive furniture from yard sales and refinishing the pieces for profit is a way to steadily increase your cash stream each month. If you're interested in wooden refinishing techniques that will either bring out the natural beauty of a wood variety or add a distinct color and glossy or matte finish to the surface, try out one of the following refinishing techniques.

Filling And Sanding Steps

With any type of wood that you will be treating, filling holes and sanding the surface of a furnishing are the first steps that you should complete.  Any furnishings that have previously been stained or painted will need to have stripper applied to their surface, unless the original stain or paint isn't in poor condition and you plan on adding a similar product over it to restore the color and shine that is known for that particular product. 

If you manage to acquire some untreated wood products, use a cleaning agent and a cloth to wipe down the surface of each furnishing. Use wood putty to fill small holes in wooden surfaces and sand the surface of each furnishing.

An Enamel Coating

A water-based enamel product will form a hard shell across a wooden surface. Dining tables, bookcases, dressers, and bed frames can all be refinished with enamel paint and any type of wood is suitable for the addition of this finishing product. Choose a light shade of enamel paint to restore a dinette table and chairs. The fresh paint may prompt someone to purchase the set so that they can add a bit of brightness to their kitchen.

For a bedroom set that consists of a matching bed frame and end tables, choose one color of enamel paint. For dual-colored furnishings, use some tape to block off part of each furnishing and use enamel paint to cover the parts that don't have tape secured to them. Once you have finished, wait for the paint to dry. Remove the strips of paint and use another color of enamel paint to cover the taped parts. 

Wood Stain, Varnish, And Stencils

Wood stain and varnish is used to accentuate natural wood and its unique markings. Apply any type of stain that you think will enhance a particular furnishing. After applying a few coats of stain, add clear varnish product over the dry stain. To add some decorative details to the wood, use a stencil kit and some acrylic paints to create a beautiful border, a series of flowers, or any other design that is complementary to the stain and the varnish. Start your furniture refinishing project today.