3 Tips For Finding The Right Mattress For A New Murphy Bed

Picking out a mattress to be used with a Murphy bed should involve taking your time and seeing what your personal preferences are for having a mattress that will be comfortable for you. Whether the Murphy bed will be used as a daily sleeper or will be used in a guest room, you'll need to see what features to look for in order to feel good about the mattress being the right fit.

Pay Attention to the Weight

With a Murphy bed, the mattress will be strapped to the frame and be swung upwards to the wall to be hidden when not in use. This makes having a lighter mattress a good idea since it will be easier to move the bed as needed, as well as avoid an issue where the weight is too much for the straps.

Checking if there are any weight and size limits for mattresses to be used with the Murphy bed you own can help you eliminate some options, as well as direct you towards a mattress that will be a comfortable fit.

Choose a Firmness to Suit Your Needs

As you look for a new mattress to be used with your Murphy bed, you need to see how soft you'll want it or if firmness is a feature that you would prefer. When the mattress will be used by guests, you can look for mattresses that are going to be comfortable for a wide variety of people instead of just being your own personal preferences.

If the mattress will be your daily sleeper, you can get a lot more personal and try out different mattresses in person so that you can make the right purchase.

Make Sure to Protect the Mattress

With a Murphy bed, you'll strap the mattress to it and lift it up whenever you want more space. This can lead to some more mess and the desire to protect the mattress so that you can enjoy it for a lot longer. Protecting the mattress can be as simple as finding a cover that is suited to be used with the mattress, and a Murphy bed can help you feel a lot better about your purchase.

With the above tips for finding a Murphy bed mattress, you can make an informed purchase and avoid common mistakes that can make some mattresses uncomfortable. The convenience of a Murphy bed should help motivate you to pick a mattress that can be used with it and ensure that you'll be entirely happy with the new bed you pick up.