Four Things To Consider When Choosing Dining Chairs

If you're picking out a new dining room table set, you know that chairs don't always come with the table as a package. Sometimes you'll find sets of chairs that are meant to be paired up with a specific table even though the chairs are available separately, but it's not unusual to get to choose the style of chair you want. This can be daunting if you're in a furniture store that offers a lot of styles. Read More 

Repurpose For A Purpose: Making An Old End Table Into Chairs

Furniture can be expensive and getting rid of such expensive items can sometimes seem like a waste. Fortunately, most furniture pieces can be restructured or refinished and turned into new pieces that can suit your old home. If you have old end tables that no longer match your room scheme, you can make these into perfect new chairs. Here is how you can turn your former bedroom end tables into a perfect stool pair. Read More 

Short On Space, Big On Creativity: Choosing The Best Furniture For Small Living Spaces

If your living space is lacking in the square footage department, it doesn't mean you have to limit your living and entertaining options. Small spaces are cozy places. It's okay to be short on space. Just don't be short on creativity. Choosing the right furniture will make your home lovely and practical. When you visit a local furniture store like Vandenberg Furniture, look for furniture that will complement the small rooms in your home and make use of every inch of space. Read More 

The Decrypted Art Of Contemporary Furniture

Contemporary style furniture is art that can be implemented in your living room and it adds a flair of modernity that eludes most traditional furniture. It adds a new and improved look to the typical chair or table, but what exactly is contemporary furniture? There is no one way to describe contemporary furniture, but read on to determine is contemporary furniture is right for you and your family and home. Read More 

Tips For Furnishing Your Dining Room When You Have Children

Whether you use the dining room for everyday meals or only for special occasions, keeping it looking good when you have small children can be almost impossible. If you already have the table and chairs, you can protect them from stains and scratches. If you are going to be buying new furniture, look for a set that will not only hold up to the children, but are less likely to cause an injury when a child is climbing around or under it. Read More