Why You Should Repair, Not Replace, A Torn Leather Couch

When your leather couch develops a tear, your first instinct might to be drag it to the curb on garbage day and then begin the process of shopping for its replacement. While there's little question that buying new furniture can be exciting, you should evaluate getting the couch repaired before you simply get rid of it. An upholstery repair service can often replace the torn leather with leather that matches the rest of the couch, so it's worthwhile to contact this type of service if one exists in your community and discuss your problem. Read More 

2 Benefits Of Purchasing Used Furniture For Your Business’s Office Space

Whether you are just getting your company started or your current office furniture has become worn and outdated, you may be getting ready to replace everything with new furniture, ranging from the desks and chairs to the filing cabinets. However, before you put a dent in your wallet, consider the following benefits of purchasing used furniture for your business's office space. 1.  Allows You to Put Together a Highly Professional, High-end Appearance Read More 

Are You Decorating Your Bedroom?

Is it time to redecorate your existing bedroom? Or, maybe you are moving into a new house and decorating your new bedroom is one of your first priorities. After all, you spend a lot of time in your master bedroom, don't you? If so, then it might as well be an attractive one, right?  If you already have a detailed plan of what you'll do as you decorate, then you don't need to keep reading. Read More 

4 Green Choices For Upholstery Fabric

When you're an environmentally conscious consumer, it's easy to get lost in discovering which upholstery fabrics are green or not. Learning which textiles are environmentally friendly will help you to select the upholstery fabric right for your furniture.  1.) Organic Wool Wool is a durable choice for upholstery fabric. It's naturally moisture resistant and can hold up under heavy use. Wool upholstery also has the benefit of being naturally fire-resistant and doesn't have to be treated with additional flame retardants like other fabrics. Read More 

4 Tips For A Happier Lifestyle

If you find yourself bored and discontent, that's a sign that you should change your life to achieve greater happiness. This may sound daunting, but finding greater contentment can be easy and affordable. It's possible to find a lot of enjoyment in life's simple pleasures. Here are four ways you can design your life to achieve maximum satisfaction: 1. Overhaul your wardrobe. Clothes are both stylish and functional. They protect you from the elements, allow you to function in society, and even help you express your personality. Read More