Refinish Wooden Furniture Pieces For Profit

Picking up free or inexpensive furniture from yard sales and refinishing the pieces for profit is a way to steadily increase your cash stream each month. If you're interested in wooden refinishing techniques that will either bring out the natural beauty of a wood variety or add a distinct color and glossy or matte finish to the surface, try out one of the following refinishing techniques. Filling And Sanding Steps Read More 

Dos And Don’ts Of Caring For, Cleaning, And Enjoying Leather Couches

Nothing compares to the look, feel, elegance, and durability of fine leather furniture. You've invested in beautiful leather pieces and want to make sure that your leather couch, chair, or love seat remains luxurious and blemish-free for several years to come. Luckily, there are several simple tips that you can follow to help you expertly care for your leather pieces. Here are a few simple dos and don'ts to help you clean, maintain, and enjoy your leather furniture. Read More 

Good Reasons To Buy Antique Bedroom Furniture

If you're looking for a different bedroom set, you might want to think about getting antique bedroom furniture for your room. In order to get a better idea of some of the reasons why bringing home an antique bedroom set may be a great idea, you will want to read the content provided here that covers some of the benefits of antique bedroom furniture. You'll be doing something better for the environment Read More 

New Outdoor Furnishings For Your Upscale Hotel

Bistro sets, chaise lounges, daybeds, and patio sets will encourage your hotel guests to spend ample time outdoors while vacationing at your upscale hotel. If you have recently had a new pool and bar combo installed on your hotel's property, choose some furnishing methods that will be a welcome sight to weary travelers or sun-loving guests who would like to relax on their own or mingle with their family members or new acquaintances. Read More 

Important Questions to Ask Before Picking a Sofa for Your Family Room

Picking out a sofa for your family room could easily be one of the biggest decisions you ever make. This one piece of furniture provides comfort and function, but it also becomes a major design element in the rooms. Therefore, proper consideration is a must. Here is a look at some questions you should know the answers to before you purchase a new sofa.  1. How important is versatility? Are you the type of person that puts a sofa in a room and pretty much leaves it in the same position for the long-term? Read More